Green in the Grey Kayak Tour

Escape the City and explore the Greener side of Birmingham

Who would have thought that just a 15-minute paddle from the Roundhouse you would find yourself surrounded by trees and greenery? This tour leads you away from the city into Birmingham’s green oasis along its blue highway, it takes in places that seem out of place in England’s second city.

The route takes in such heritage as Birmingham’s lost canals, historic signs, a former hospital in the grounds of the prison and the tunnel that goes under the prison.

No previous experience is necessary; however this tour does cover more distance than our Landmark tour. Our expert guides will teach you everything you need to know to get you paddling.

We will provide every participant with a buoyancy aid, regardless of their swimming ability, so that should you fall in you’ll be safe. Tours are given by a professionally qualified British Canoeing Instructor who will give full tuition.
Sit back paddle and have fun.

Tour length: 2 hours

Tour Start and Finish: Roundhouse Adventure Base

Prices: £12.00 | £10.00 conc. | £5.00 B16 postcodes

All guided tours are available for advanced bookings.

Tickets go off sale two hours prior to the advertised start time and you can call the Roundhouse team centre to check on late availability via 0121 123 4567. Please arrive nice and early and remember to leave time for navigating Birmingham city traffic at peak travel times.

Kayaking FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers
In theory yes, in practice no! There will always be the odd splash and dribble that will get you damp and, because of the nature of the kayaks that we use, you will get a wet bottom!! We can provide waterproof jackets and trousers to keep you drier though.

Kayaking is easy to pick up, we cater for all abilities on our tours and our guides are trained in being able to assist you should you require further advice.

Yes, we always assume that no-one can swim. If someone should capsize our guides will be there to assist you; normally, because the canals are only 4-6 feet deep, you could stand up.

All participants regardless of ability will be required to wear a buoyancy aid provided by us.

Sports clothing is light, dries easily and doesn’t make you freeze, simply stay away from denim, leather and wool and you will be fine. We can provide waterproof jackets and trousers to keep you drier too!

Many people may think that kayaks are easy to flip over but they are a lot more stable than they might look, we have chosen the kayaks specifically for their stability.

You need to wear something on your feet during the tour; old trainers, crocs, sandals all work well.

A canoe is paddled with a single-bladed paddle, and you will have seen these paddled generally by two people. A kayak is paddled from a sitting position with a two-bladed paddle.

We use sit-on-top kayaks, which mean should you fall off you’ll simply slide into the water.

Both of our kayaking tours (City tour and Green in the Grey tour) last up until 1.5 hours.

8 years old and upwards (because of the size of our equipment)

It’s better to book all our tours in advance. You may be lucky if you show up on the day and one of our guides will be available.

We move on the canals so if you are not participating you can walk alongside but there is a lot of places that can’t be accessed by pedestrians.

You can take your phone and pictures however, we are not responsible for any damage and loss.

All of our sessions and tours start at the Active Outdoor meeting point, this is clearly marked at Visitor Reception.

Booking FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

Please get in touch with us to organise a group booking.

Roundhouse Birmingham accepts card payments and cash. We accept all card, Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay, except for American Express. We don’t have a cash machine on site – you’ll find the nearest one in Brindley Place.