Sensing the Roundhouse (and Beyond) audio tour and illustrated trail

Get in touch with your senses on this short, accessible, alternative audio tour!

The audio tour will exercise your senses and encourage you to notice the lesser seen (or smelt!) details in the local area.

This tour is available on a Pay-As-You-Feel basis. 

There’s no charge, but you can make a voluntary donation via the app or on our website if you’re able.

By making a donation, you’re directly helping to support the future of the Roundhouse, enabling our work with the local community.


It was created in collaboration with Dr Jieling Xiao (@jielingxiao), a leading expert on sensory experiences at Birmingham City University.

How do I do the tour?

The tour is available on the free GeoTourist app for you to enjoy whenever, or wherever, you are.

Step 1: Dowload the free GeoTourist app (available for Apple or Android)

Step 2: Search ‘Roundhouse Birmingham’ to find the five tours

Step 3: Time to listen: remotely, or on location!

GeoTourist for Android

GeoTourist for Apple

Clicking the buttons above on your phone will take you to download the GeoTourist app. 

Event Details

Dates: Available any time, just visit the GeoTourist app to access the tour.

Distance: 0.8km

Number of points on the tour: 8

Suitable for: Those wishing to experience a different side of the city.

Starting point: at the Roundhouse

Printed version: If you prefer a printed version of the route, or would simply like a printed version to accompany the audio, you can pick one up from the Roundhouse Visitor Centre. The printed trial offers a chance to create your own sensory map along the way.


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