Poster for My Voice-My Path project. It contains a college of four pictures of black activators at Roundhouse Birmingham working on the Black Heritage audio tour of Ladywood. On the lefthand side there is a list of the participants on this project. It reads: Roundhouse Birmingham, Don't Settle, Black Heritage Walks Network , Geotourist. All working in collaboration with 5 activators to develop My Voice -My Path- Black Heritage audio tour of Ladywood

My Voice – My Path

My Voice – My Path

Over the last few months the Roundhouse Team has been working in collaboration with Beatfreeks and The Black Heritage Walks Network to develop a new audio tour alongside five incredibly passionate and talented Birmingham/West Midlands-based young people of colour: Anah, Ilhan, Tia, Nina and Amirah. The aim of the project is to support these ‘Activators’ in researching and producing a Black History Audio Tour of Ladywood (aka the area surrounding the Roundhouse).

The weekly sessions so far have covered a range of topics; from the nitty gritty technical aspects of mapping, researching and producing an audio tour for the GeoTourist app, to the more creative and community focused aspects such as; interview role-play, a taster walking tour, and rating the ‘spiciness’ of tour narrators’ delivery style on the Nando’s Peri-Peri scale (anything Lemon & Herb and below is a no go – just so you know). We’ll be working with the activators into next year and we’re looking to have the tour ready to launch on the GeoTourist app in Spring 2022. Watch this space for more updates.

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