Herstory of Birmingham

Audio Version

This audio version of ‘Herstory of Birmingham’ is narrated by Maya Willcocks and Chelsea Mills.

The recording also features a spoken word piece ‘Tales of a Conduit City’ which was commissioned specially for this zine, and is written and performed by Lexia Tomlinson.

Herstory of Birmingham was produced by curators Avi, Nathan, Beth and Harry as part of Beatfreeks’ Don’t Settle project.

Audio version recorded by Marley Butler.

Time codes (scroll down for the player):

00:00: Chelsea Mills Introduction

01:05: Note to the Reader

04:37: Memories of Migration

06:33: Next Stop: Ladywood!

08:17: Female Lamplighters: Lighting the Way

10:59: Maya Willcocks Introduction

11:42: ‘Imperial Sisterhood’: The Inequality in the Fight for Abolition

13:54: Catherine Comes Calling

16:59: Some Women Get the Vote

20:17: Tales from the Conduit City by Lexia Tomlinson

23:52: Women of Birmingham Today

27:07: We Couldn’t Have Done it Without You

28:08: Zine Curators (Back Cover)