Local Look Around
Family Friendly Trail

Starting at the Roundhouse, take look around the local canals in search of all sorts of sights and stories (even the odd smell).

Learn a little bit about this area of Ladywood and #SeeTheCityDifferently!

This tour is available on a Pay-As-You-Feel basis. 

There’s no charge, but you can make a voluntary donation via the app or on our website if you’re able.

By making a donation, you’re directly helping to support the future of the Roundhouse, enabling our work with the local community.


Search for things at the Roundhouse, find the heavy metal band, and search the canals for histories, sights, and smells.

When you’ve finished the trail, head back to the Roundhouse. Get your trail sheet stamped with a smile and claim your prize!

Borrow a clipboard and a pencil from the visitor desk, and away you go!

Where can I find the trail?

Pick up the trail at the Roundhouse Visitor Centre.

If you are a local group that would like printed copied of the trail map, please contact us.

Event Details

Dates: Available any time we’re open, just visit the Roundhouse Visitor Centre to collect your trail map.

Distance: 2.5km

Number of points on the tour: 14

Suitable For: Families

Starting point: at the Roundhouse


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