Collage of several black and white pictures of Roundhouse and objects used for the Workers at the Roundhouse tour( top trump cards, wooden symbols, audio devices. At the top of the picture a tour guide and four participants on the workers at the Roundhouse tour.

On Sale for 2022: Introducing the Roundhouse Guided Tour

On Sale for 2022: Introducing the Roundhouse Guided Tour

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Dates for our ‘Introducing the Roundhouse’ tour for 2022 are now on sale! ?

The Roundhouse is something old, but for a lot of people, also something new. And this tour tells the story of our curious survivor of a building. Find out all about the Roundhouse’s journey from canal wharf to noisy Victorian stables, right through to a new purpose as a modern-day heritage and wellbeing hub.Look for clues about the Roundhouse’s past, play a game of top trumps, and unlock photos from the building’s past, while we ponder the question: Why is it round?

We guarantee you’ll learn something new about Birmingham and the people who helped to make it tick. What’s more, from April, tours will end in Jonathans in the Roundhouse independent cafe, over a hot drink and a chat.☕️

Tours are scheduled for Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 21 April.

£11 standard price

£9 concessions

Private group bookings are also available, email

More info is here! ?…/introducing-the…/

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