‘Herstory of Birmingham’ Zine

‘Herstory of Birmingham’ Zine

'Herstory of Birmingham' Zine

We’re very happy to present ‘Herstory of Birmingham’, a brand new zine about women who played an important role in Birmingham’s rich and diverse history. 

The zine was produced as part of Roundhouse Birmingham’s partnership with Beatfreeks’ Don’t Settle project, which aims to empower young people of colour from Birmingham and the Black Country to change the voice of heritage through the arts, research, and governance.

Why ‘Herstory of Birmingham’?

Our group of young curators on this project was made up of writers, artists, photographers and designers, who each share a strong connection with Birmingham. Their aim was to give a voice to those who have been traditionally underrepresented.

During their research, they had a light bulb moment; learning about the nation’s female lamplighters. Sadly along with the stories of many significant women, they have failed to reach our history books. 

The zine takes the reader on a journey that spans across the globe. How so? Well, people have migrated to Birmingham from all over and through their labour, campaigning and creativity they have shaped and continue to shape the city today.

The exhibition features newly commissioned work by:

Lexia Tomlinson @lexialegend

Daya @dayaillustrations

Beth Bennett @lonxia

Zaina Mayat @zaina.mayat

Our Don’t Settle curators and researchers are:

Nathan, Avi, Harry, Beth


Where can I get the zine?

You can pick up a free copy from the Roundhouse Visitor Centre…

…download the digital version, or…

…listen to the audio version!

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