Group of kayakers on the Bustling Birmingham tour kayaking between two rows of moored narrow boat going towards Sea Life Birmingham

Kayak tours in Birmingham

Kayak tours in Birmingham

Looking for a kayak tour around Brum's canals?

Kayak tours with Roundhouse Birmingham are now live for 2023. Join us for the award-winning Bustling Birmingham tour, or try your hand at the Green Escape tour. 

No previous experience is required and these tours are a great way to see the city from a different perspective. Whether you’re visiting Birmingham for the first time and fancy doing something a little bit different, or you’re a local who wants to get to know the city better and try something new, we’re sure you’ll uncover something you didn’t know about the UK’s second city. 

When do they start?

The first kayak tours of 2023 will start on Easter weekend. From the 7th to the 10th April there’ll be lots of activities going on at the Roundhouse, as well as our first public tours of the year. You can see what dates are available by visiting the pages for each tour. 

How can I book?

The easiest way to book a kayak tour in Birmingham is through our website, just visit the Bustling Birmingham or Green Escape pages and pick your date. You can also book for any of our activities by popping in to our Visitor Centre or by giving us a call on 0121 716 4077

Do I need experience to do a kayak tour?

You don’t need any previous experience to do a kayak tour with Roundhouse Birmingham. Your guide will give you a full safety briefing and teach you the basics needed to get you on the water. You’ll also be provided a buoyancy aid. 

More frequently asked questions

Kayaking is easy to pick up, we cater for all abilities on our tours and our guides are trained in being able to assist you should you require further advice.

Many people may think that kayaks are easy to flip over but they are a lot more stable than they might look, we have chosen the kayaks specifically for their stability.

Sports clothing is light, dries easily and doesn’t make you freeze, simply stay away from denim, leather and wool and you will be fine. We can provide waterproof jackets and trousers to keep you drier too!

You need to wear something on your feet during the tour; old trainers, crocs, sandals all work well.

There will always be the odd splash and dribble that will get you damp and, because of the nature of the kayaks that we use, you will get a wet bottom!! We can provide waterproof jackets and trousers to keep you drier though.

And, of course, we recommend bringing a change of clothes should you capsize.

Yes, we always assume that no-one can swim. If someone should capsize our guides will be there to assist you; normally, because the canals are only 4-6 feet deep, you could stand up.

All participants regardless of ability will be required to wear a buoyancy aid provided by us.

Due to equipment limitations the maximum weight we can currently cater for is 18 stones.

Our buoyancy aids have a maximum chest size of 50 inches.

Both of our kayaking tours involve approximately 90 minutes on the water

It’s better to book all our tours in advance. You may be lucky if you show up on the day and one of our guides will be available but we recommend always pre-booking.

8 years old and upwards (because of the size of our equipment)

We don’t recommend taking any valuables on the water, we are not responsible for any damage and loss.

We have lockers available free of charge for tour participants.

We have lockers suitable for bags and personal items available for all tour participants free of charge.

Please visit Visitor Reception to book in, your guide will meet you there.

A canoe is paddled with a single-bladed paddle, and you will have seen these paddled generally by two people. A kayak is paddled from a sitting position with a two-bladed paddle.

We use sit-on-top kayaks, which mean should you fall off you’ll simply slide into the water.

We paddle on the canals so if you are not participating you can walk alongside but there is a lot of places that can’t be accessed by pedestrians.

We do have 2 x Two person kayaks available; these are ideal for an adult and young person. These will need to be arranged on the day so please mention this at the earliest opportunity.

We do have facilities for changing available in our visitor centre and a shower should you take a dip in the canal, however the shower is not for general use.

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